tcsh clear command?

Andrew DeFaria
Thu Feb 14 09:55:00 GMT 2008

Dave Korn wrote:
>> (<- who the hell would use that!
> Anyone who might ever want to pipe stdio between a cygwin and a win32 
> native program will find it works an awful lot better if they do it in 
> a DOS console using CYGWIN=notty. 
Like I said - who the hell would do that! ;-)
> Also, anyone who wants the rows-and-columns based method of copying 
> text, as opposed to the line-end-wrapping (X-alike) method used in the 
> other consoles.
Ditto here. Who really prefers a rows-and-columns based method (AKA a 
box!) of copying text? I can't say there's been a single time when I 
said "Damn I wish I could just copy and paste a box of text. Copying a 
line of text just isn't what I want to do right now!". YMMV.
>> Yuck)?
> Is the implication that you are in some way magic and special and 
> therefore your personal tastes are somehow objectively valid making 
> you right about any random topic and anyone else who feels differently 
> wrong?
No. That's called your imagination!
> Or do you still accept that this is just a subjective expression of 
> your tastes, but nonetheless feel that your opinion is of unique and 
> gripping interest to readers of the list? [*]
It was merely my opinion. Why do you attempt to make more of it?
> cheers,
> DaveK
> [*] - Note for the sarcasm impaired: This is a rhetorical question.[**]
Somehow I doubt that.
> [**] - Additional note for the sarcasm impaired: "Rhetorical" means it 
> does not need an answer.
Right, which is why you went through so much effort to type in all those 
words explaining this but to which the sarcasm is not the least bit 
funny nor witty. No, methinks you were taking a jab and then attempting 
to cover it up with a claim of sarcasm and claims  of rhetorical questions.
Andrew DeFaria <>
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