[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: irssi-0.8.12-1

Václav Haisman v.haisman@sh.cvut.cz
Sat Feb 16 08:08:00 GMT 2008

burning shadow wrote, On 16.2.2008 2:08:
> I'm running it in PuTTY via SSH connection. TERM set to "cygwin". Yes,
If you are connected using Putty you should probably be using TERM=putty or 
TERM=xterm rather than TERM=cygwin.

> first 2 or maybe 3 lines. All packages are up to date. And I have
> never seen that with my own compiled irssi.
> I have made screenshots of my own compiled irssi and irssi from
> package windows right after startup:
> http://home.shad.pp.ru/tmp/irssi-compiled-putty-window.png
> http://home.shad.pp.ru/tmp/irssi-package-putty-window.png


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