how to build gsl dll

Mirko Vukovic
Mon Feb 18 01:12:00 GMT 2008

On Sun, Feb 17, 2008 at 2:19 PM, Brian Dessent <> wrote:
> Mirko Vukovic wrote:
>  > I am trying to build a dll for gsl.  I want to link it to clisp.
>  Why?  The Cygwin gsl packages already contains everything you need,
>  including both shared and static versions.  Install the 'gsl' package
>  for the runtime files (the DLL) and install 'gsl-devel' for the
>  developer files (headers, import library, static library, libtool
>  library.)  You don't have to do anything.
>  > On the other hand the gsl executable contains the *.a, *.dll.a and
>  > *.la files. Is there a way to convert them to the dll.a
>  That doesn't make any sense.  There is no need to convert anything, not
>  that that's even possible.
>  > Frankly, I started dealing with libraries only about a week ago, and
>  > while I understand the .a, .so, .dll types (I think), I'm not sure
>  > about dll.a and .la.
>  For a package 'foo' cygfoo-n.dll is the shared library, it goes in
>  /usr/bin since it must be in the PATH.  This is the only file that is
>  actually used at runtime[1], as opposed to link time.  n is the ABI
>  version, if present.  libfoo.dll.a is the import library for
>  cygfoo-n.dll and it goes in /usr/lib.  An import library is just an aide
>  for the linker, it contains no actual code.  libfoo.a is the static
>  version of the library, and also goes in /usr/lib.  Sometimes import
>  libraries are also named libfoo.a too but this practice is discouraged,
>  it's mostly legacy things like all the w32api import libs that are still
>  named this way.  Import libraries can also be renamed as foo.lib if they
>  are to be used by the MS toolchain. is the libtool library,
>  it's just a text file that describes aspects of the library and is used
>  by libtool if you use that to link.
>  Brian
>  [1] Okay technically the libtool .la file could be read at runtime if
>  the library is dlopened with libltdl, but that's probably not relevant
>  here.

Thank you.  I found it: cyggsl-0.dll, cyggslcblas-0.dll in /usr/bin.
Thank you very much for the explanation.

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