is it possible to re-compile sshd to support "real-user" login in terms of public key authentication

Chen Yue
Mon Feb 18 14:18:00 GMT 2008

Hi Cygwin experts

We all know user can login cygwin sshd to get real-user only by password. If
user logins sshd by public key, he/she could merely get the ACL in which the
sshd process is run.

But in Tectia windows sshd(, user can get the proper ACL no
matter he/she logins in terms of password or public key. So I checked source
code of cygwin sshd, finding it uses WINAPI LogonUser to get the proper ACL
in auth_passwd. However, this API is not introduced in auth_pubkey since it
requires password in the third parameter. So I wonder how Tectia sshd
implements this mechanism.
Is it possible I re-compile Cygwin sshd to support this feature? 

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