Cygwin setup: DL rate should show as kB/s not kb/s ?

Bill Meier
Wed Feb 20 20:03:00 GMT 2008

Gary R. Van Sickle <g.r.vansickle <at>> writes:

> > From:  Bill Meier
> > or maybe KB/s for kilobytes/sec ?
> > 
> It should be an option, but that begs an "Options..." dialog, which doesn't
> exist.

Unfortunately I didn't express myself clearly in my original message.

The numeric DLL rate shown by the Cygwin setup program is actually in units of 
K Bytes/sec and thus either kB/s or KB/s should be used as the text following
the numeric rate.

Looking at the code I also note that maybe the 2nd sprintf should be changed to
use %03.1f to be consistent with the 1st sprintf ...

Bill Meier


static void
progress (int bytes)
  if (is_local_install)
  static char buf[100];
  double kbps;


  kbps = ((double)bytes) / (double)(tics - start_tics);
  if (max_bytes > 0)
      int perc = (int)(100.0 * ((double)bytes) / (double)max_bytes);
      Progress.SetBar1(bytes, max_bytes);
      sprintf (buf, "%d %%  (%dk/%dk)  %03.1f kb/s",
	       perc, bytes / 1000, max_bytes / 1000, kbps);
      if (total_download_bytes > 0)
     	  Progress.SetBar2(total_download_bytes_sofar + bytes,
    sprintf (buf, "%d  %2.1f kb/s", bytes, kbps);


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