Eric Blake
Thu Feb 21 00:31:00 GMT 2008

bargav yaarov <byaarov <at>> writes:

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WHOA!  Fix your mailer!  At the very least, don't quote raw email addresses: 

but your word wrapping leaves much to be desired.

> Thank you Eric.  I will take a look at autogen (Googling for this returns 
many many results... do you have a
> specific pointer?)

Full autogen won't work on cygwin at the moment (at least, not unless you 
recompile libguile with a fixed gcc).  But the source to the open_memstream 
drop-in should be easy enough to isolate, and doesn't run into the broken 
libguile dependency.

> Also, is cygwin.din something that I can modify locally myself and get this 
to work if the support is already
> there but just not exposed?

Yes - just add an entry to winsup/cygwin/cygwin.din and recompile cygwin 
yourself, according to these instructions:

Eric Blake

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