BerkeleyDB Win32 build on Cygwin

Stéphane Aboab
Thu Feb 21 11:20:00 GMT 2008

I tried to make a DLL which contains ownership source code (C language, not C++) and depends on third party software like BerkeleyDB. My source code build under Cygwin using home made makefiles et preprocessor flags inserted into sources to manage Linux gen and Cygwin gen. My makefiles always generate *.a archives which are dedicated to run on Linux platform: static libraries. The Linux distribution uses Cygwin standard libraries and embbed Unix distribution of BerkeleyDB.
My goal is to make a DLL (dynamic library) which could run outside Cygwin and that I could call from Java applications using JNI inside a Win32 JVM. This time, I have to make the library using Win32 distribution of BerkeleyDB. But, as I said above, my makefiles only manage Cygwin gen. I think that BerkeleyDB is not able to build under Cygwin! This is my problem: BerkeleyDB Win32 distribution is a Visual C++ project which could only build with Visual C++ standards libraries version.
My prerequisites are that I can not modify/adapt source code (i.e. can not import my Cygwin dependant source code into a new Visual C++ project) and my knowledge on makefiles is very poor (I'm a Java developer which has to write the Java/JNI part). So I have two questions:
1- Boolean question: is it possible to make my library -which depends on BerkeleyDB- as a Win32 dynamic library and using Cygwin env?
2- If yes, how can I do that??? (please do not answer me only to use -shared -mno-cygwin gcc args because I already tried it and it is not enough...)
Many thanks.

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