chmod o-r woes...

Marc Girod
Mon Feb 25 11:36:00 GMT 2008

Dave Korn <dave.korn <at>> writes:

>   Highly significant ...

No doubt.

> -> the words "CYGWIN environment variable" are a link to

This I had found... But not clearly understood whether I was
supposed to set it myself, or whether Cygwin would set an 
initial value. I found it empty, and tried myself to give it
a value dynamically, without result, so that I did not set it
in my .bash_profile.

> -> description of smbntsec just below:

Which I had missed... Shame on me.

>   So, try your original test again, but with
> ~> export CYGWIN=ntsec smbntsec
> at the start.

Thanks. This helpped.
I didn't even have to give the chmod again.
With the environment variable, the rights showed up correctly.
[I now set this to my .bash_profile]

Which is of course worrisome: in order to read my password,
on just needs to unset the CYGWIN environment variable...


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