chmod o-r woes...

Dave Korn
Mon Feb 25 14:37:00 GMT 2008

On 25 February 2008 10:36, Marc Girod wrote:

>>   So, try your original test again, but with
>> ~> export CYGWIN=ntsec smbntsec
>> at the start.
> Thanks. This helpped.
> I didn't even have to give the chmod again.
> With the environment variable, the rights showed up correctly.
> [I now set this to my .bash_profile]

  I always set my basic CYGWIN settings in the windows system properties
global environment.

> Which is of course worrisome: in order to read my password,
> on just needs to unset the CYGWIN environment variable...

  If the remote drive supports proper NTFS ACLs, any file cygwin creates on it
/while/ CYGWIN=smbntsec is in effect will have proper NTFS access permissions,
so, e.g. if it has rwx------, it will only have access permissions for your
windows user account.  You might want to chmod -R 700 (or whatever group/world
perms you'd prefer) your home drive to make sure nobody can go snooping.

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