gdb, no line numbers after gcc -g ???

Brian Dessent
Tue Feb 26 18:18:00 GMT 2008

Hugh Sasse wrote:

> OK, it works for a hello world, it says the symbols are loaded.
> Therefore, as was most likely, I've munged something.  How do I
> interrogate object files to see which is/are missing the symbol data
> (if that's what would throw everything else off the scent)?

You can use "objdump -h file.o" and look at the sections.  If you see
.stab and .stabstr then you have STABS debug symbols (default for -g);
if you have .debug_{abbrev,info,line,frame,pubnames,aranges,str} then
you have Dwarf-2 debug symbols, which you get with -gdwarf-2 and are
generally more sophisticated and better supported by gdb.  If you see
neither of those sets of sections, you have no debug data.


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