Testing gcc 4.2.3

Brian Dessent brian@dessent.net
Tue Feb 26 20:10:00 GMT 2008

David Arnstein wrote:

> This process generated many stack dumps. There were also test suite
> failures, not surprising in light of the stack dumps. Finally, my
> Windows Application Event Log filled with error messages from Cygwin.

They're messages from cygserver, not Cygwin.  I can't really see a
reason why cygserver would be needed for anything in the gcc testsuite.

> I suspect that the failures were due to bash running out of resources,
> what do you think?

That sounds like BLODA.  Many run the testsuite without crashes or
running out of resources.  There was a handle leak at one point that
expect/dejagnu would exercise but that's been fixed for a while.

> I would like to know why gcc 4.2.3 is not included in the standard
> cygwin distribution. Perhaps the problems I am seeing are not limited to
> my peecee?

Sigh.  You'll have to search the archives.  There are a number of things
preventing a move to gcc 4.x as the system compiler.  The main snags are
lack of shared libgcc (which breaks C++ EH with shared libraries) and
the everlasting debate about if and how to transition to DW2 EH from


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