How do I run sshd as a particular user?

Alfred von Campe
Wed Feb 27 11:57:00 GMT 2008

I've read about the restrictions on accessing shares while logged  
into a Windows system with the Cygwin ssh daemon.  We are interested  
in this to do remote builds, and it would be nice to access network  
shares.  We only really need one user to be able to log in, so I  
thought I'd change the CYGWIN sshd service to run as that user.   
However, when I changed the service and tried to start it, I got the  
following error message: "The VYGWIN sshd servcice on Local COmputer  
started and then stopped."  Any ideas what's going on?

I tried to revert to having the service started by the .\sshd user,  
but I can't get that to work no either!  I think it's because I am  
using the wrong password.  How can I change or reset the password on  
that account?


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