Initiate a Dial-up Connection from the command line?

Gary Johnson
Fri Feb 29 09:17:00 GMT 2008

On 2008-02-28, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Gary Johnson wrote:
> > I'm running some tests of a radio modem where I need to bring up the
> > Windows Connect Dial-up Connection dialog (Start -> Settings [->
> > Control Panel] -> Network Connections -> Dial-up Connection) and
> > click the Dial button on a Windows box that's inconvenient to get
> > to.  It would be much easier if I could ssh to this box (which I
> > can) and just execute some command from the Cygwin bash command
> > line.  Is there some Cygwin utility or other method to do this?
> Have you tried Windows' rasdial command? 
> <>.

Sweet!  I wasn't aware of that command.  It took me a while to get 
it to work because I couldn't find the phone book and didn't know 
what the available connection names were, if any.  (Of course the 
name is obvious now.)  The documentation you pointed me to and my 
PC's so-called Help and Support Center claim it's in 
systemroot\System32\Ras, but it's actually in /cygdrive/c/Documents 
and Settings/All Users/Application 
Data/Microsoft/Network/Connections/Pbk.  Anyway,

   rasdial "Dial-up Connection"


   rasdial "Dial-up Connection" /disconnect

do the trick.  Thank you very much!


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