another minor cygcheck "nit"

Linda Walsh
Fri Feb 29 09:29:00 GMT 2008

cygcheck doesn't handle the "max arg length" as shown by "xargs"...
I.e. -

> cygcheck -f /bin/*
bash: /usr/bin/cygcheck: Argument list too long
> echo /bin/*|xargs cygcheck -f
xargs: cygcheck: Argument list too long

cygcheck /bin/[a-r]*     # works (wc -wc = 1780 32365)
cygcheck /bin/[a-s]*     # fails (wc -wc = 1874 33917)

# -- looks like a 2^15 boundary prob?

> xargs --show-limits
Your environment variables take up 3867 bytes
POSIX upper limit on argument length (this system): 1042661
POSIX smallest allowable upper limit on argument length (all systems): 4096
Maximum length of command we could actually use: 1038794
Size of command buffer we are actually using: 1042661

Guess cygcheck isn't a POSIX app?


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