Rebase all sometimes solve the grace problem.

Fri Feb 29 13:48:00 GMT 2008


This is just a record.

The grace had not been executed on my cygwin.

The suggestion from Goldschmidt, Yadin Y solved the problem.

I summerised here.
My problem could be seen at

The prescription is the following

Close all cygwin processes and if you have sshd running kill it with kill -9.
Open a cmd command window (not cygwin window). type:cd (...)\cygwin\bin 
(default :C;\cygwin\bin but it depends on your install setting.)
Then type: ash you will get a $ prompt. 
Type: ./rebaseall
Wait till you get the $ prompt
It will take a few minutes.  (depends on the environments)
After that the close cmd prompt. 
Start the X server and from the xterm or proper terminal for X. 
Finally type 

xmgrace &



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