Access to Network Drive under ssh

Dang, Robin
Fri Feb 29 19:43:00 GMT 2008

Thanks Larry for your help.

I managed to get the posted solution partially working and it is exactly what I was looking for. I only cannot get the shell script to run as a service. The service will attempt to start then fail, but it is really running. Does "exec" fork a process?

I have tried both methods and .bash_login method although simpler is not a feasible solution in my situation. The reason is I am calling "ssh <sever> <command>", so the auto scripts do not run as I never go into the bash shell.

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Dang, Robin wrote:
> I am having the same problems as in the discussion and would appreciate
> any help to resolve it. After I log into a ssh session, the drives are not
> automatically mapped and typing 'net use' gives me unavailable. I can map
> them manually, but I need them to be mapped automatically to setup the
> environment properly for my scripts.
> "Anyway, the way I generally get things... well, closer to working, is to
> create a service that calls 'bash -c <some-sshd-init-script>', and have the
> script issue a bunch of 'net use <foo> <bar>' commands and then exec sshd.
> That way you don't have to worry about connections being remembered, because
> they will always be created for you when sshd starts up."
> In the post, there is a workaround for the problem, but I cannot write
> the  sshd-init-script and create the service to run it, so it works. Would anyone
> provide anymore detail or instructions?

I'd recommend:
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The thread you reference isn't doing anything more to remap the drives
than you are manually.  It's just automating the process.  If that's all you
need , then just put the "net use <foo> <bar>" in your .bash_login or other
convenient spot that gets run each time you login.  The process described
above is just a more complicated way of getting here, albeit with certain
advantages (it won't remap your drives every time you invoke bash -l).

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