job control: "set CYGWIN=tty" but ^Z doesn't work

Daniel S.
Mon Mar 2 17:13:00 GMT 2009

What setup is need to get ^Z to suspend the current process?

The CygWin manual Environment Variables section at says:

   The CYGWIN variable is used ... [Y]ou can ... set it to tty (e.g. to support
   job control with ^Z etc...) using a syntax like this in the DOS shell, before
   launching bash.

     C:\> set CYGWIN=tty notitle glob

I've added:

   set CYGWIN=tty

to my Cygwin.bat file, but ^Z doesn't suspend a process.

(E.g., running "for (( i = 1 ; i '<' 100000 ; i = i + 1 )) ; do : ; done "
and pressing control-Z doesn't suspend the process running the loop.



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