proposing a new package: dash (shell)

Wed Mar 4 18:27:00 GMT 2009

I would like to see dash (a POSIX-compliant implementation of sh) to 
be distributed with Cygwin. I am also willing to become the official 
maintainer if no one else want to do the job.

dash home:

I am not ready to do an ITP on, because i have 
no setup.hint and i have not packaged the files yet.

But i have compiled dash- 14-Jan-2009 10:38 203K. with
cygwin 1.5.  The resulting dash.exe is only 77K.

I have done some minimal testing. dash can run its own configure 
script. In order to be sure that dash.exe was the only shell use by 
cygwin, i copied dash.exe over sh.exe and bash.exe.

I have read somewhere that dash becamed recently the official shell of 

I wold like to know if it is ok for every body here.


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