proposing a new package: dash (shell)

Wed Mar 4 20:06:00 GMT 2009

"Eric Blake" <> wrote:

> Yes, a port of dash would be welcome.

Great. I will do it.

>> I have done some minimal testing. dash can run its own configure 
>> script. In
>> order to be sure that dash.exe was the only shell use by cygwin, i 
>> copied
>> dash.exe over sh.exe and bash.exe.
> Are you sure dash was used?  Like I said, configure scripts 
> generated by
> autoconf prefer a shell that supports LINENO, and that means you 
> might have
> ended up with zsh or pdksh doing the work instead of dash.  To 
> guarantee you
> used dash, you can use:

Pretty sure. I dont have pdksh installed. I have bash and ash. During 
my first test, i watched the task manager. I saw many sh.exe process. 
So i copied dash.exe over sh.exe. Second test, i saw many bash.exe 
process. Third time,
i replaced all shell (ash.exe, bash.exe, sh.exe, zsh.exe with 
dash.exe. So even if the task list show a bash.exe process, it is dash 
code executing. My goal was to verifiy that the code is ok. Now this 
does not guaranty that dash is called. In fact, even if i start the 
build under dash, some other shell get ran.

I would like to publish dash as is for now. If i am able to do the 
job, may be i can add LINENO support to dash (i have no idea what the 
difficulties are), or suggest to the author/actual maintainer to do 

> CONFIG_SHELL=path/to/dash path/to/dash ./configure

Ok. Will try.

> I'm not ready to change the default /bin/sh; I think we'd still like 
> to
> keep /bin/sh as bash for the time being.  But that doesn't stop 
> users from
> installing dash instead of bash as /bin/sh.

I am not proposing that dash become the default shell. I would like to 
use it on cygwin, even if it's not really POSIX compliant and there 
are some problems (see: ).
It is somewhat faster and is also easier to hack for a beginner and 
can still be useful.

>  And I would particularly welcome a
> pre-built dash, as I already test with it as part of maintaining 
> upstream
> autoconf.

built on WinXP Pro, SP2, (32 bits)
Do you want a copy of the dash.exe i have built ?
stripped or not ?
with cygwin 1.5 or 1.7 ?

I have made no modification to the original files. Just ran
to get a running dash.

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