problem under cygwin with sh, bash, ksh

Václav Haisman
Sat Mar 7 16:01:00 GMT 2009

Hubert Samm wrote, On 6.3.2009 14:26:
> Hi All...  I've searched and found nothing....  this script runs just fine on 
> AIX, Solaris, and Linux, but under cygwin, the array VALUE prints only 
> blanks.. has anyone else run into this... I've tried a bunch of different 
> things around typecast, etc, but it looks like VALUE is local in the table_it 
> function...  any thoughts???
Have you tried debugging it using the -x switch to see what is going on?
Simple test case of setting VALUE[0]=$1 and then echoing "${VALUE[0]}" does
print what I give it, using bash.


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