Replacing setup.exe and cygcheck with dpkg (Was: Re: cygcheck typo in both manpage and --help)

Sjors Gielen
Sun Mar 8 23:42:00 GMT 2009

Christopher Faylor schreef:
>> setup.exe and cygcheck are very nice but was wondering if the idea of using
>> yum and rpm was ever tossed around?
> Yes, it has been discussed many times.  There are big barriers to
> getting these working, mainly due to problems installing already-running
> programs.
> cgf

Hey Christopher,

I've succesfully ported dpkg. In a few weeks time, I'll start working on 
my Debian Cygwin project again, I'm currently busy with other things - 
but maybe you could take a look at my dpkg changes and see if you can 
make a Cygwin-dpkg which is compatible with cygcheck and setup.exe. Dpkg 
is very easy to use, as is apt-get which I was busy porting before I 
stopped temporarily.
(Since 1.7 already fixes the problem of installing running programs, 
there are only two important changes: multiple slashes at the beginning 
of a path are mapped to one, and when installing a new binary dpkg uses 
vfork() instead of fork() for the one corner case where dpkg re-installs 
If you want them, I'll upload the patches to the subversion repository 
of the project as soon as I can. They are currently sleeping on my disk 
until the project gets far enough to release some binaries and sources.


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