Can't get "man" to find local html pages

Paul McFerrin
Mon Mar 9 14:57:00 GMT 2009

When I create directories containing "html" pages, man can;t find them.  
I have added to "/usr/share/misc/man.conf", the following entry: 
"MANPATH  /usr/man/lman/htmlman1" and I placed the html file at: 
"/usr/man/lman/htmlman1/ntsec.html".  I followed the following 
instructions per man man:

       Man will find HTML pages if they live in directories named as  
       to  be  ".html", thus a valid name for an HTML version of the 
ls(1) man
       page would be /usr/share/man/htmlman1/ls.1.html.

I also tried moving html1man1 directory up one level to:
/usr/man/htmlman1 with same effect.  What am I doing wrong??

Here is the tail end of "man -d ntsec":

using /usr/bin/lynx -dump to dump HTML pages as text
adding /usr/man to manpath
adding /usr/share/man to manpath
adding /usr/local/apache/man to manpath
adding /usr/man/bsd_man to manpath
No manual entry for ntsec

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