psql and mintty

Andy Koppe
Mon Mar 9 19:30:00 GMT 2009

> I have been using psql with mintty sucessfully for some time now with cygwin
> 1.5
> over the weekend I did a update of cygwin and now psql application hangs
> with mintty.
> it works still with the 'standard' cygwin console.
> any ideas?

Not really. MinTTY hasn't changed, so something else must have. Does
it still work in other pty-based terminals, i.e. rxvt or xterm?

Did you check your installation with cygcheck? You might want to post
the output of of 'cygcheck -svr' here for people to have a look. Also,
there's been an issue with ncurses recently, perhaps it's something to
do with that. Therefore just running setup again to update to the
latest versions might be worth trying.


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