minTTY will not interrupt 'locked' process

Andy Koppe
Mon Mar 9 21:32:00 GMT 2009

> Several times recently, I have executed a command on a "file" that was
> apparently "locked".  Any attempts to perform any reads/opens on the file
> would block.  When it happens, the only was out is to terminate minTTY
> session (no ctl-C or ctl-\ will terminate).  Is this a normal situation?

I'm afraid I don't know about those locked files, but in any case this
sounds more like a general Cygwin question. When you press Ctrl-C or
Ctrl-\, MinTTY simply writes the corresponding control character to
the pty device connecting it to its child process. The terminal driver
normally turns that into a SIGINT or SIGQUIT, but applications can
override that, or choose to ignore signals. Also, Cygwin can't deliver
signals while a program is executing a Win32 function.


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