minTTY will not interrupt 'locked' process

Paul McFerrin
Tue Mar 10 06:17:00 GMT 2009

I'll watch for it to occur again.  Is there anything I can collect for 
you in this besides a ps(1) showing the process is inactive or should I 
just forget it for now.

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 09:32:36PM +0000, Andy Koppe wrote:
>>> Several times recently, I have executed a command on a "file" that was
>>> apparently "locked". ?Any attempts to perform any reads/opens on the file
>>> would block. ?When it happens, the only was out is to terminate minTTY
>>> session (no ctl-C or ctl-\ will terminate). ?Is this a normal situation?
>> I'm afraid I don't know about those locked files, but in any case this
>> sounds more like a general Cygwin question. When you press Ctrl-C or
>> Ctrl-\, MinTTY simply writes the corresponding control character to
>> the pty device connecting it to its child process. The terminal driver
>> normally turns that into a SIGINT or SIGQUIT, but applications can
>> override that, or choose to ignore signals. Also, Cygwin can't deliver
>> signals while a program is executing a Win32 function.
> Right.  If a process is blocked in a situation where Cygwin isn't
> expecting it, like when reading a disk file, then signals won't have
> much effect.  This is actually more than a little like what happens
> Linux when you try to access a file on, say, a bad disk.  Signals don't
> allow you to stop the process there either.
> cgf
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