Upgrade woes ("file in use")

Nuzhna Pomoshch nuzhna_pomoshch@yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 06:16:00 GMT 2009

--- On Tue, 3/10/09, Tim McDaniel <tmcd@panix.com> wrote:

> There can be processes running that you can't see
> easily.

I know there can be, but there aren't.

> Anyway, on my current system, even if I have closed all
> Bash windows and Emacs windows and and and, it is still
> running ssh-agent.exe.
> Also, in XP Control Panel - Administrative Tools -
> Services,
> it shows services
> CYGWIN sshd
> CYGWIN syslog-ng

I start up sshd as needed (it does not start automatically).

Back to my problem. Even if I had cygwin processes running,
"Continue" should complete the install (though require a
reboot). Why does it think there are running processes, and
how can I fix it?



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