Clearing the Cygwin console

Lee D. Rothstein
Sat Mar 14 16:49:00 GMT 2009

Andy Koppe wrote:
>> on Linux/UNIX systems with the command 'clear' the console content usually
>> can be "flushed", on Windows with 'cls'.
>> None of these commands worked with Cygwin. If I enter 'clear', the message
>>  bash: clear: command not found
>> is returned.
>> How can a console used with Cygwin be cleared?
> Ctrl+L. Works in all terminals.

clear.exe is available in the ncurses package.

As Andy said ^-l works.

However, with both clear and ^-l, the scroll buffer is not cleared which 
makes it use with text-based debugging
rather limited. That's one reason the alternate screen option on 'rxvt', 
and 'xterm' is useful.

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