Mintty running program from shortcut problem

Sat Mar 14 17:26:00 GMT 2009


When we running program with mintty from shortcut, mintty will 
running the program in non login shell without knowing cygwin PATH. 
This will make some kind of error When program try to running 
external program like info run gzip or using shell escape in vim. 
Is this expected behavior? 

Making mintty shortcut running info with this code:
bayu@semampir ~
$ mkshortcut -D -i /usr/bin/mintty.exe -w /usr/bin -a "info"

When I try to enter the node info produce error like this: 
gunzip < /usr/share/info/ gunzip: command not
found Cannot find node `Top'.
note: Making shortcut manually also produce same problem

This error not found when using rxvt
bayu@semampir ~
$ mkshortcut -D  -i /usr/bin/cygicons-0.dll -j8 -w /usr/bin -a "-p
/usr/bin rxvt -e info"  /usr/bin/run.exe

To avoid this trouble use bash -lc <command> so mintty will run bash
in login shell first.

bayu@semampir ~
$ mkshortcut -D -i /usr/bin/mintty.exe -w /usr/bin -a "bash -lc
/usr/bin/info" /usr/bin/mintty.exe

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