clearing the scrollback buffer in mintty

Andy Koppe
Sun Mar 15 07:15:00 GMT 2009

Lee said:
>> For gui consoles, use
>>  alias cls='echo -e "\033c"'
>> which does clear the scrollback buffer.
> Thanks Dave, this works on 'xterm' but not on 'mintty'.
> On 'mintty' it does a 'clear' (i.e., clears the screen),
> rather than a 'cls' (i.e., clears the screen and
> scrollback buffer).

Thanks Lee. I entered issue 65 for this. Looks like PuTTY took a
different view from xterm as to whether the "Full Reset (RIS)"
sequence should clear the scrollback, but of course MinTTY is meant to
be compatible with xterm.

Meanwhile, this will do the reset and clear the scrollback:

  alias cls='echo -e "\ec\e[3J"'


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