gcc4-java: packaging error?

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 16 14:43:00 GMT 2009

This is an interesting thread, related to the future (and/or current
state) of gcj:


Which is not to say that cygwin's gcc distribution shouldn't include it,
or ensure that it works as well as possible, but it may explain why some
distros are packaging it separately (that is, building it from a
separate source from the rest of gcc-same-version).  OTOH, Debian has
been doing it that way since 4.1.0 (2 Mar 2006), long before OpenJDK was
actually open [*], so perhaps they have another reason. They do it that
way for Ada, too.


[*] Sun's announcement of a forth-coming GPLed JDK: Nov 2006.  OpenJDK
initial code release, May 2007.

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