sshd problems on specific host [1.5.25-15]

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Thu Mar 19 17:34:00 GMT 2009

On 03/19/2009, Tom Rodman wrote:
> This snip from cygcheck.out:
>   Potential app conflicts:
>   ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
>   Detected: HKLM Registry Key, Named file.
> is interesting/important!?; but I have searched the entire
> registry for 'ZoneAlarm', using regedit and have found nothing;
> also checked add/remove programs.  What does it mean?

Make sure you don't have ZoneAlarm installed.  If you do, uninstall
it.  Otherwise, I expect it's kruft leftover from an incomplete or
poorly written uninstall.  If that's true, you may be able to clean
it up by either installing and uninstalling the current version of
ZoneAlarm (assuming they've fixed any problem in their uninstall
process) or you can try one of the registry cleaners that are out

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