Problem [1.7]: no directory release-2/glpk/ yet

Wed Mar 25 11:50:00 GMT 2009

Sorry, I'm getting boring on the subject, BUT access to release-2/glpk/ 
really is failing with one particular mirror at least:

wget -r

works just fine but

wget -r


No such directory `'.

If I go to the ftp site

using Firefox and then click on glpk/ I get

Alert! 550 failed to change directory


Fergus wrote:
> Sorry, got them now.
> (But only by visiting a mirror site and right-clicking on the files.
> wget could not, and still cannot, pick them up for me. Probably my 
> driving.)
> Fergus
> Fergus wrote:
>> Twelve hours after the first appearance of these entries:
>>   glpk/glpk-4.36-4-src.tar.bz2
>>   glpk/glpk-4.36-4.tar.bz2
>>   glpk/libglpk-devel/libglpk-devel-4.36-4.tar.bz2
>>   glpk/libglpk0/libglpk0-4.36-4.tar.bz2
>> in setup-2.ini, I can't find it [any mention of the directory glpk/, 
>> let alone any of the 4 files] under release-2/ in any of the mirrors I 
>> tried [at least 4]. Don't think I'm mis-typing ... I can find all of 
>> 4.25-1, 4.31-1 and 4.35-1 under release/glpk/ for cygwin-1.5.
>> Fergus

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