[Re: GCC 4 installation problem]

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Wed Mar 25 21:02:00 GMT 2009

Vincent De Groote wrote:
> Help request cancelled.
> The symbolic link was not built properly (I forgot the -s argument)

  Sounds more to me like you forgot to use the alternatives program to
configure the alternatives and have been messing around manually in its
private data directories and broken it.

  (You're not the first person to do this.  For some reason it seems to be a
hard-to-resist temptation for people to just dive into the data directories
and start tampering, rather than say reading the alternatives readme or
man/info page which would explain the easy-to-use command-line syntax by which
alternatives.exe will switch over the symlinks correctly.)

  Probably the easiest way to repair it would be to manually run all the
/etc/preremove/ scripts to uninstall the alternatives links, then run the
/etc/postinstall/ scripts to re-create them.  You'll need to run these files:


and then these files:


which should work if you just cut and paste those lists into a bash shell.

  Attached are the two scripts that will ship with the next release of GCC to
manage switching all the alternatives at once to select either gcc-3 or gcc-4
as the default compiler, just to show everyone the proper way how to drive the
alternatives system from an end-user's point of view.

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