File not found with scp

Ryan Stewart
Thu Mar 26 17:59:00 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 11:44 AM, Dave Korn <...> wrote:
>  Exactly what is this version of git and where did it come from?
msysgit: windows port of git, from

>  Is it conceivable that it's someone trying to *not* be a 3PP by integrating
> with the existing Cygwin installation, and for some misguided reason it
> modifies your sshd config?
It's possible, I suppose. There doesn't seem to be anything suspicious
in /etc/sshd_config, and it doesn't change when I install/uninstall
msysgit. Should I look somewhere else?

> 1.  Perhaps a full list of all the files in Git\cmd might be instructive.

> 2.  What happens if Git is installed, but not in the PATH?
Same thing: scp copies to the wrong place.

Keep in mind that this msysgit installation that's causing problems is
*not* on the computer where I'm running scp. It's on the "remote"
computer that I'm trying to access via scp. i.e. I'm running scp on
computer A and the git installation is on computer B.

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