File not found with scp

Matt Wozniski
Fri Mar 27 00:23:00 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Ryan Stewart wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Dave wrote:
>> Ryan Stewart wrote:
>>> But I've been tasked with investigating msysgit, which is the best
>>> (only?) windoze port of git atm.
>>  Argh!  MSYS and Cygwin are incompatible, because MSYS *is* Cygwin - or
>> rather, it's an old and cut-down version of the cygwin1.dll.  You are getting
>> a strange variaton of the multiple-cygwin-dlls problem!
> Well, thanks for all your help, guys. I guess this about wraps it up.
> One thing still bugs me, though: I have a very similar config on both
> computers, including msysgit, and scp works fine in the opposite
> direction.

As I recall, msysgit screws with some of the windows environment
variables... conceivably, one of those could be causing the problem
that you're seeing - if it sets %HOME% for the user or some such.


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