gtk with win32 backend (not X11)

Kasper Peeters
Sat Mar 28 14:38:00 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Has anyone had success compiling the gtk toolkit under cygwin using
the Win32 backend? I am getting as far as building&installing glib,
atk and cairo (the cairo tests run fine, too). After that, the pango
configure script does pick up that it should build for "Cairo Win32"
and it does say "enabled shared libraries: yes", but the build process
never creates any dlls (there is no error either though, only the
static ".a" libraries and the ".la" files get produced & installed).

I have tried various older versions and also tried a 'libtoolize' to
refresh the libtool scripts, but none of that made any difference.

If you have managed to compile pango dlls with win32 backend, any
advice would be very welcome. Thanks!


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