IPC,FORK on Windows 2008 Server

Yarlagadda Suresh ysuresh.forum@gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 11:24:00 GMT 2009


I am using CYGWIN V 1.5.25-15 on Windows 2008 Standard Server Edition with SP1.

I have a program which does the following :

1. The main process gets shared memory, opens an index file (through
Btrieve API).
2. If a record is found in the index file,the main process forks a child
    and the child process reads the index file and process the data.

The program fails on the above system configuration giving the following error:

      *** fatal error - MapViewOfFileEx (0x3D0000), Win32 error 487.

Please find the attachment for cygcheck.out.

I have downloaded cygwin from mirror (http%3a%2f%2fcygwin.basemirror.de%2f).

I had found the same problem reported with Windows XP SP2 & CYGWIN V
1.5.14, it was resolved.
Please see the thread link:

Last, the same program works fine on Windows 2003 Standard Edition
with SP2 and CYGWIN V 1.5.25-15.

Hope this helps, please revert for any queries.

Suresh Kumar.
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