The dirent struct

Chris Sutcliffe
Fri Aug 6 13:33:00 GMT 2010

I'm well in to the process of porting rtorrent to Cygwin but I've hit
a bit of a snag with the dirent struct.  Namely:

error: ‘struct dirent’ has no member named ‘d_fileno’
error: ‘struct dirent’ has no member named ‘d_reclen’

which sure enough, the Cygwin dirent struct does not:

struct dirent
  long __d_version;			/* Used internally */
  __ino64_t d_ino;
  unsigned char d_type;
  unsigned char __d_unused1[3];
  __uint32_t __d_internal1;
  char d_name[NAME_MAX + 1];

I assume d_fileno and d_reclen may be part of __d_unused1 or
__d_internal1?  I'd appreciate some help here, since I'm not sure what
to do at this point.

Thank you,


Chris Sutcliffe

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