Mode dependent cursor shape lost in cygwin Vim in a Windows console

JOHNER Jean 066030
Fri Aug 13 13:22:00 GMT 2010


Please do the following:
1/ Start a standard cmd console
   Launch Windows Vim (C:\Program Files\vim\vim72\vim.exe) with
   vim -u NONE file1

  Result: file1 opens with a block cursor. If insert mode is activated,
the cursor changes to underscore (nice)

2/ Launch cygwin.bat
   Launch cygwin Vim with
   vim -u NONE file1

  Result: file1 is opened with an underscore cursor. No change when
insert mode is activated.

Is there a way to have mode dependent cursor shape in Cygwin Vim in a
Windows console?

Best regards.

Jean Johner

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