Using ssmtp called in a script called by a crontab entry...

Blaine Miller
Fri Aug 20 22:04:00 GMT 2010


I have a need for ssmtp to send out a *job completed* email from within 
a script that is called as an entry in a cron table. I've read all I can 
from the *Installing and configuring ssmtp* man pages as well as the 
Knowledgebase and FAQ's on the cygwin site. From what I gather it should 
be possible to do this.

Admittedly, I am not even close to an expert with sendmail. However, as 
sendmail is included on my UNIX/linux boxes, I'm stymied on how to get 
the same functionality out of ssmtp on cygwin.

I've run ssmtp-config and accepted the defaults where indicated. 
However, when I type *mail* at the command prompt I get *command could 
not be found*.

All of my single line scripts from linux for simply mailing completion 
and initilization of processes don't work. I'm getting very confused 
with the esoteric discussion of ssmtp, it's configuration and getting it 
to work with something called mutt (?).

All I need is a simple, line by line checklist of things to do to 
emulate the functionality of sendmail as I described above.

Briefly, the scenario is a cron table entry that calls a script. The 
script runs a few scp's and then exits. I want it to then send out a 
*completion* email  and exit.

Your time and consideration is appreciated and valued.

Blaine Miller

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