perl: Net::DNS requires Win32::IPHelper

Reini Urban
Mon Aug 23 13:58:00 GMT 2010

2010/8/23 Yaakov (Cygwin/X) <>:
> Reini,
> The Net::DNS module, which you ship with perl, depends on perl-libwin32
> (packaged separately) and Win32::IPHelper, the latter of which depends
> on Win32::API and enum modules.  Win32::API needs a custom typemap file
> in order to compile on Cygwin, which AFAICS should be:
> LPCSTR      T_PV

Oh my. Net::DNS depending on Win32::API is not really helpful.
He already has a DNS.xs it would be easy to add the IPHelper stuff to this xs.
perl-libwin32 is a bit fat for a perl require line, I'll see what I
can do to remove this cyclic dependency.
Net::DNS is only needed for the old CPAN::Reporter.
The new CPAN::Reporter 2.0 will use Metabase and has a entirely
different set of deps.

I have somewhere a proper Win32::API cygwin package but never wanted to
support that mess.

> Again, I'm going to have to ask you to break out the extra modules you
> ship with perl and handle them individually.  It's not only a matter of
> handling these dependencies, but there are several modules which need to
> be updated, and you shouldn't have to rebuild (nor should we have to ask
> you to rebuild) all of perl in order to do so.

Ok, I will provide the extra vendor modules as perl-modules or perl-extra pkg.
But this will happen with 5.14, which is the next planned cygwin
release in spring 2011.

All vendor modules together or split it into the dependencies?
perl-CPAN needs
        Pod::Escapes Pod::Simple Test::Pod Devel::Symdump
Pod::Coverage Test::Pod::Coverage \
	Compress::Raw::Bzip2 IO::Compress::Bzip2 Compress::Bzip2 \
        IO::String \
        File::Temp Archive::Zip \
	Math::BigInt::FastCalc \
	Term::ReadKey Term::ReadLine::Perl Term::ReadLine::Gnu \
        XML::NamespaceSupport XML::SAX XML::LibXML::Common XML::LibXML \
	XML::Parser \
	Proc::ProcessTable \
	Config::Tiny File::Copy::Recursive IPC::Run3 Probe::Perl  \
    	Tee IO::CaptureOutput File::pushd File::HomeDir \
	Digest::SHA \
	Module::Signature \
        URI HTML::Tagset HTML::Parser LWP

perl-CPAN-Reporter needed:
   Net::DNS Test::Reporter CPAN::Reporter
but now with Metabase it's much fatter. About 15-20 modules or so,
where some do not work out
of the box.
I really want to support sending cpan reports out of the box, because
most developers are happy
to get failing cygwin reports. (linker strictness and IV vs pointer size mostly)

Note this is not really an issue for most users, because I explicitly
changed the @INC order
so that you can override the vendor modules with cpan installed site modules.
But for your port modules it is an issue of course.
Reini Urban

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