1.7: Basic file operations fail on network shares provided by Tru64 Advanced Server

Heinz Werner Kramski Heinz.Werner.Kramski@dla-marbach.de
Tue Aug 24 10:18:00 GMT 2010

Am 24.08.2010 10:36, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:

> Can you please try the latest Cygwin developer snapshot at
> http://cygwin.com/snapshots/, so we know this isn't fixed by the
> latest bugfixes.

Unfortunatly, cygwin1.dll with Snapshot date: 20100822-02:25:11 does not 
solve the issues.

> There's also a new mount option "ihash" since 1.7.6.  It might help
> with the "cp" issue above, but that probably doesn't help with the
> "mv" issue.

Exacly. With "ihash", cp works again, mv still fails.

> of mv.  Would you mind to create an strace under the latest Cygwin
> developer snapshot, like this:
>    $ strace -o mv.trace mv somefile newfile
> and send us the mv.trace file?  This might give a clue where the
> problem occurs.  Maybe we can find a workaround.

Here you are, see attachment.

Thank you for your time to look into this issue.

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