1.7.6: Install error said postinstall error

Lucas nxy_bit@yahoo.cn
Wed Aug 25 12:49:00 GMT 2010

When I was installing Cygwin downloaded using the newest setup.exe yesterday, lots of error happend and the install GUI said postinstall error.
 No Package
 boxes.sh: exit code : 2
 libglade2.0.sh: exit code : 2
 fontconfig.sh: exit code : 14
I have searched the maillist and found many people asked about this error but the error code are not like mine, so I turn for help here, thinking that maybe somebody here knows about it. Besides, the error report mails seem to not have got any solution so for, so is this a bug of the bash scripts in the new version?
I have attached the setup.log. 
THANKS a lot, everybody!

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