Emacs and DBUS

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Wed Aug 25 16:32:00 GMT 2010

On 8/25/2010 10:37 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 8/25/2010 10:02 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
>> On 8/24/2010 11:28 PM, Michael Albinus wrote:
>>> Ken Brown  writes:
>>>>> After installing that library, Emacs did start. How ever, it blocks
>>>>> when loading dbus.el.
>>>> Don't you normally have to start a D-BUS session before loading
>>>> dbus.el? Maybe one of the Cygwin people who uses D-BUS can tell us how
>>>> to do that.
>>> I've started the session bus via dbus-launch in advance, of course. I
>>> have no idea, how to start the system bus in cygwin, 'though.
>> Run /usr/bin/messagebus-config and follow the instructions for
>> installing messagebus as a service.  You will need to be logged in as a
>> user with administrator privileges for this.
>>> Emacs' D-Bus code shall be resistent in case of absence of a bus, but
>>> who knows ... how could I debug it via gdb?
>> The executable /usr/bin/emacs-nox.exe is stripped; that's why you
>> couldn't debug it.  Here's a link to the unstripped version, with debug
>> symbols:
>>      http://www.math.cornell.edu/~kbrown/emacs-nox.exe.bz2
> Hi Michael,
> The blocking you observed when dbus.el is loaded doesn't occur with a
> build from the Emacs trunk (r101187).

Correction: It occurs if and only if the system messagebus service is 


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