gitk unusable in cygwin-1.7.6-1 because tcltk-20080420-1 is native win32 app.

Charles Wilson
Fri Aug 27 19:36:00 GMT 2010

On 8/27/2010 2:33 PM, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 27 August 2010 19:22, neomjp wrote:
>> 2. I understand that the reason to have tcltk-20080420-1 as a win32 app is
>> to have a graphical insight that does not depend on X Window.
> Cygwin programs can have Win32 interfaces actually, as proven by the
> likes of rxvt, mintty, and the Xwin server itself.

The real issue is that tcltk-20080420-1 presents the GDI (e.g. native
windows) backend implementation for tcl/tk.  I was proposing that we
eventually modify our offerings so that the new (probably split up)
replacement package(s) present the X11 backend implementation instead.

It has nothing to do with whether "tcltk" is a "win32" *application* as
opposed to a cygwin one.  It's all about which interface the
application/library uses to put graphics on the screen: GDI or X11.

So far, nothing has occurred on that line AFAIK.  If it is to happen,
the current maintainer has to just pull the trigger and say "we are
going to do this". Existing maintainers of tcl/tk clients will then
adapt; until (if) that happens, nothing will change.

I think the big hangups were (a) insight (b) git (c) python-idle.
insight might actually be dead or dying, not sure.  Obviously git and
python-idle both work with X (on linux) so it's doable to convert --
just a nuisance.


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