Support for the TIOCINQ ioctl

Brennan Peter Sellner
Fri Aug 27 22:57:00 GMT 2010

By any chance, has support for the TIOCINQ ioctl on file descriptors 
(used to check how many bytes of data are in the input buffer) been 
added to Cygwin?  It hadn't as of 2004:

...but I haven't found any newer references to it.  I'm inferring that 
it's not supported, as ioctl(fd, TIOCINQ, &available) (where fd is a valid 
file descriptor, and available is a long) fails, with errno set to 
'invalid argument'.  I'm running Cygwin 1.7.6 on Vista.

I'm hoping I'm missing something...  Is there an alternative way to check 
the number of bytes on an fd's input buffer in Cygwin?



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