Building Mutt: configure: invalid value of canonical build

Matthias Andree
Mon Aug 30 23:08:00 GMT 2010

On 30.08.2010 23:52, Michael Ludwig wrote:
> The mutt mail reader shipping with Cygwin does not have SMTP enabled,
> which I'd like to give a try. So I tried to build mutt, but encountered
> problems.

[... long whine about non-working build snipped ...]

Did you use the ./prepare script first if building from Hg (Mercurial) 
rather than a tarball?

If so, did you use setup.exe since to remove/upgrade autoconf, automake, 
or related packages? That might have invalidated symlinks.

Also be sure not to mix MinGW and Cygwin utilities - this is a constant 
source of confusion.

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