Glut Problem

Klaus Ramstöck
Thu Dec 9 11:38:00 GMT 2010

Hi André,

Am 08.12.2010 18:33, schrieb André Bleau:
> "Dont start". What does that mean? Your programs crash? You get an error message? Please be more
> explicit.
No, this is windows, I dont get an error message. Unless I start the
program with the sysinternals tool VMMayp, when he tells me he does not
find __glutGetFCB in glut32.dll. When I analyze glut32.dll with
PEViewer, I find it exports ___glutGetFCB@4 (note the 3 underbars)

>> #include <GL/glutf90.h>
> What is glutf90.h ? It is not part of the OpenGL package.
It is not, but it should be. I took it from a glut implementation.

>> int button, state;
>>  ((GLUTbuttonBoxFCBUSR)__glutGetFCB(GLUT_FCB_BUTTON_BOX))(&button, &state);
> These 2 lines are total nonsense. FCB stands for Fortran CallBack.

Right. But they insert a reference to this function into the code. The
code links fine, because __glutGetFCB is present in the .a library, but
the library seems to reference the wrong symbol in the .dll

> - Fortran is unsupported by the OpenGL package. I am not interrested in adding that support, 
>   but I would accept patches that do.

> - Even if it was supported, you cannot blindly insert a call to a Fortran function into a C function.
This is just to trigger the bug.

> I think your problem is deeper than that. You need to explain what you are trying to do. If you
> are trying to port some Fortran program that was meant to run on Silicon Graphics to Windows 
> you will have a hard time.
No, as said, I try to port f90gl to cygwin, so I can run some fortran
programs of mine that use it.

Thank you for your time, André


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