Permissions on Windows 2008

Jeremy Bopp
Fri Dec 10 13:01:00 GMT 2010

On 12/09/2010 03:38 PM, Bryan Slatner wrote:
> Jeremy Bopp <jeremy <at>> writes:
>> By default Cygwin tries to emulate POSIX file permissions:
>> You can disable this by modifying your /etc/fstab file and adding the
>> appropriate options to cause the target locations for your files to have
>> the necessary options:
>> Specifically, you may need to modify the settings for the cygdrive
>> mountpoint:
> Jeremy,
> I guess I spoke too soon. I'm not really sure which fstab options are 
> appropriate  here. Are you suggesting modifying the cygdrive mount, or 
> adding a new one with some different options?
> I'm not really clear how to proceed here or which are the relevant options.

Take a look at the noacl option.  You'll want to apply that to whatever
mountpoint contains the target path of your copy operation.  If you want
to be surgical in the application, create a new mountpoint with this
option set and copy your files into paths within it.  Otherwise, you can
apply it to the cygdrive mountpoint so that the option applies to any
path under /cygdrive and UNC paths.

I'm not sure if it's possible to change the mount options of /,
/usr/bin, or /usr/lib since those mountpoints are implicitly defined.
Setting this option on them would probably break things anyway.  If your
target path is currently something like /home/whatever, set up a new
mountpoint with the noacl option and copy to that instead.


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