1.7.7: rm -rf sometimes fails - race condition?

Warren Young warren@etr-usa.com
Fri Dec 10 23:15:00 GMT 2010

On 12/10/2010 2:45 PM, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Certainly I don't get back to a stock Windows configuration, and that's hardly
> what a typical Cygwin installation would look like anyways;

Of course not, but it's reasonable to start from a common baseline when 
debugging problems.  If doing so makes the problem go away, it means the 
problem is in some other third-party software, and so is not something 
Cygwin can reasonably be expected to fix.

If you are able to point blame at a specific piece of third-party 
software, let us know so it can be added to the BLODA list:


I don't see your specific version of Sophos there.  Maybe they fixed 
their problems since v7.  It could instead mean no one has bothered to 
post a credible smoking gun showing the same problems in a later 
version.  I know if I had problems with Cygwin after installing a later 
version of Sophos, I'd just assume it's still broken rather than debug 
and re-report it.

> software that's failing is rm.exe in certain circumstances when running "cygport
> fetchmail-6.3.19-1 all", so it's not exactly rocket science I've been trying :)

Point me to your source package, and I'll download it and try building 
it in a loop here.

I tried downloading the current .18 source release with setup.exe, but 
it's not a cygport source package, so I don't think testing with it 
would be a useful approximation of your test condition.  There's no 
point testing a different cygport package, because I've already done 
that dozens or hundreds of times before.  It hasn't failed for me in the 
way you report.

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